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Free Kundli Software in Marathi

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Marathi Kundli

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Marathi Kundli

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Predictions about Life Partner ‘Who can be the perfect match for me? Will I have love or arranged marriage? What is the reason for delay?’ are the questions which everybody likes to know. Free Marathi kundli software have the special feature of all the four formats of charts namely North Indian, South Indian, Bengali and Kerala chart styles and you can choose between.

No need of entering birth details manually. The horoscope in marathi has the names of the planets all in marathi.

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As you know, my marathi janam patrika online has 12 houses one for each rashi. As you know, my marathi janam patrika online has 12 houses one for each rashi. Kundli Matching, Kundali and gun Milan online, free software and tool for horoscope match for Marriage - Match-Making or Kundali matching is analyzed on the basis of Sun Sign, Moon Sign, Lagna, Janam Nakshatra and Placement of Planets.

The Astrology software by Astrologer has been developed in 'C' language and is an MS-DOS based program. It is different from the other softwares on Astrology available in the market.

Free match making kundli in marathi
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