Medical store automation

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Medical Store System Database

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Below is a glimpse of the top universities currently working to emerging the field:. EasySol ® Pharma is the No. 1 pharmaceutical sales force automation (SFA) software in the market today, and has been developed in the labs of Excelsior Softwares.

EasySol ® Pharma is simple and easy to use and yet powerful and flexible. EasySol ® Pharma has been built and refined over the years, across several versions, and is catering to various types of pharmaceutical companies today.

Packaging automation is entering new terrain in robotics, including refined motion control, touch-sensors, vision systems, and touchscreen human-machine interfaces (HMIs) that make packaging more efficient and safer.


Understand trends in packaging automation. EMR software for $ one-time fee. Electronic Medical Records software with best EMR value for medical practices.

Automated analyser

Surprisingly easy EMR system at a reasonable cost. Axiomtek's fanless medical-grade touch panel computers are specifically designed for medical applications including medical image processing and medical measuring instruments.

The medical-grade touch panel PCs comply with ISOUL/EN, CE, and FCC Class B certifications to ensure operational safety in the medical industry. Shop Medical Arts Press (MAP) products. Order medical supplies you can depend on at prices you can afford.

Order today for FAST & FREE shipping on orders over $ Download international and US standards from the full collections of ISO and IEC standards, American National Standards and thousands of regional and foreign standards.

Medical store automation
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