Why hong kong hates cy leung

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Hong Kong protests: If Hong Kong leader CY Leung agreed to an interview...

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Why are Hong Kong’s protesters rallying around the number 689? | October 1, 2014

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Hong Kong–Mainland China conflict

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Hong Kong protests: civil servants allowed to return to work but activists remain

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Carrie Lam will be like Jiang Qing (aka Madam Mao): superficial charm, gaudy and will do the Chairman’s bidding come what may. The Cultural Revolution of Hong Kong will begin on 1 July Oct 05,  · On 2 October, CY Leung offered to hold talks between the Hong Kong government and protesters, which student activists accepted.

But it remains to be seen if the dialogue will bear fruit. On 3 October pro-democracy leaders threatened to call off talks if the government did not adequately protect them from attacks by anti-Occupy groups.

Hong Kong chief executive CY Leung therefore said the Hong Kong government will discuss with mainland authorities to tighten up the individual visit scheme for mainland tourists, citing Hong Kong.

Who is CY Leung and why do the Hong Kong protesters want him to resign?

If you look impartially at C.Y. Leung’s policies, none should cause hate among ordinary Hong Kong people. Most of his policies were implemented after listening to the voice of the people.

Is the Liaison Office pressing for an official position in HK?

In Hong Kong, even the police has lost its neutrality and credibility, being a political tool only, at the disposal of the government/Beijing. What is equally ugly is that CY Leung and Beijing called in the triads to silence the massive protests in Hong Kong, which however is.

The Chief Executive, Mr. CY Leung, attended a meeting with locals at the town hall of Tin Shui Wai on 11 Augusta new town at the North-Western part of Hong Kong.

Why hong kong hates cy leung
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